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Small and simple to use, the  ozone generator is ideal for anybody looking to spruce up their home or workplace and eradicate pesky odours at the flick of a switch. Lingering scents from cooking in the kitchen will be gone in no time, and your bedroom will always be fresh and fragrant. Staff areas and bars will be free of cigarette and alcohol odours, whilst mobile homes and caravans will feel fresher than ever.

Much of the appeal lies in the portability. The product is not limited to use in one place, but can be picked up and taken with you on your travels. This means that no hotel or motel will ever be anything less than impeccable ever again. Furthermore, when guests come to visit, it can easily be stored away leaving your friends and family to wonder how your home always smells so alluring.

This is one of the most affordable and versatile products in our range. Moreover, it can actually end up saving you money; expensive oil refills and air fresheners will no longer be required. Rather than masking smells for a quick fix, our Plug In ozone generator eliminates the source of the odour permanently. Working quickly and efficiently, it spreads throughout the room eliminating odours and purifying the air for a noticeably fresher environment. This long-lasting decontamination can provide untold health benefits.

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