Hair Curler Cordless Automatic Curling Tongs with 5200mAh , Hair Curler With Rechargeable Battery Heat Isolating Chamber LCD Display


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The Highly requested Hair Curler YAPOY ® 2.0 Compact is here.

The only cordless Hair Curler in the market, featuring temperature adjustable settings to reduce damage.

With an ergonomic design, the YAPOY ® 2.0 Compact is light-weight and small, making it even more convenient & portable for on-the-go use.

cordless curling iron

New Generation Design and More Intelligent

Away From Hair Damage & Scald: YAPOY hair curler adopts a unique ceramic coating to prevent hair damage during the rapid heating process of the curling iron. Professional ceramic technology can keep your hair smooth and shiny, and look more attractive after curling. The heat isolating curl chamber has heat insulation function, to protect your hands from any instant surface heat.

rechargeable hair curler

Everyone can use YAPOY Hair Curler easily

One-Click Automatic Curling: Built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery for 60 minutes working time with 3-4 Hours fully charged and tangle-free & rotating cord design, with 0.37kg product net weight and the extremely short heating up time, this hair curler makes the hair styling process very easy and fast. The patented automatic technology will allow you to wrap around your hair and create curls automatically within 8 seconds at home, or wherever you go.

What make YAPOY be the better Hair Curler
  • Modern and Compact Design
  • Made of Sabic materials
  • Type-C convenient and fast charging
  • Reduce hair damage
  • Super YAPOY battery
  • Intelligent Hair Curler: Built-in auto off function and LCD buzzer indicator to inform you when you should loosen the curler, automatically turn off if not used for 10 minutes, protects your families from any incident. This is a new type of portable automatic curling iron styling tool.

Personalized Temperature & Timer Settings
  1. 3 curved directions: Left, Right and Mix;
  2. Temp set from 160℃, 170℃, 180℃, 190℃, 200℃;
  3. Time set from 6s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s.
Choose different temperatures and times to achieve the effects you want😍

  • 1. Long press the POWER ON/OFF button for 3s,with a beep sound, lcd display turns on, temperature value flash and then temperature icon flashing, means the curler starts heating up.
  • 2. There are 4 customize setting on the display: L/R/Mix(the curling direction);Temperature; Curling time; Battery status; ℉/℃; hit the POWER ON/OFF button to choose the set, when the setting value is flashing, please press the SECOND button to adjust the value up or down.
  • 3. After setting done, insert your hair, keep pressing the HAIR CURLING button, the curling bar start rotating. Please note when you release the button, the rotating bar will stop working, so please keep press until hearing the beep sound.
  • 4. 10 minutes automatically off. If there is no operation for 10 minutes, the device will automatically off.
  • 1. Please smooth your hair with your comb at first, and according to your needs to apply some oil to your hair. (Please note, due to the heating up, the oil may be steam and some smell and smoke are normal. Wait for minutes, and smoke will disappear.)
  • 2. Section your hair into a few small parts, left one part to do curler, and clip the rest of hair.
  • 3. Take a ¾” to 1” section of hair and insert it into the opening of the curl chamber with the U-shaped opening of the hair curler towards outside. If larger sections are used, hair may be tangled.
  • 4. Keep pressing the HAIR CURLING Button, do not release until hear the beep sound. To reach a better styling effect, please pressing the start button until the beep sound stopped.
YAPOY Hair Curler Package:

Come with a very beautiful and sturdy package. It is perfect to send someone YAPOY Hair Curler as a gift💟

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