Electric Hot Water Tap with LED Digital Display


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A Modern Design Delivering Hot and Cold Water in a Single Tap

This product is a luxurious kitchen item. Having a boiling water tap in your kitchen may feel a little self-indulgent, but it is, in fact, a superb way to save both water and electricity.
The pack includes a high quality steel finished tap with hot, cold and boiling water valves, touch screen LED display control and instant water heater. The unique and efficient design eliminates the need for extensive pipework.
The instant heating tap delivers a completely safe flow of water from the spout without any of the dangerous spitting of hot water that has been associated with other manufacturer's products. The tap also features a 360º swivel spout for ease of use and flexibility.

Features :

  • Durable : Made from High quality stainless steel that will last for longer periods.

  • Easy to Install : Our product is Freestanding; made easy so anyone can install it. 

  • Fast and Easy to Use : It only takes 3 seconds for the water to heat up.

  • Secure : Water district and circuit area are seperated for your safety.

  • 360° degree Rotary outlet pipe : Meeting the demand of multi direction water intake.

Product Details : 

Note : Our product comes with EU plug.

Specifications and Parameters :

No more waiting for the kettle to boil with our Sauber kitchen taps. They deliver instant hot water, meaning you’ll never have to boil a kettle again! They're designed to dispense cold, hot and filtered boiling water so you can not only get rid of your kettle but your traditional kitchen tap too!!

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