Complete Car Paintless Dent Repair Tools Set


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Package includes:
  • 1pc dent lifter
  • 1pc glue gun
  • 1pc repair hammer
  • 1pc tap down
  • 1pc empty bottle
  • 1pc blue rag
  • 1pc yellow scraper
  • 5pcs glue sticks
  • 18pcs glue tabs
Features (each set): 
Comprehensive Usage Application
The car dent repair kit does not damage your car body's original paint and effectively repairs the dent caused by hail, impact, etc. It not only worked for all kinds of cars but was also great for repairing the dent of the metal surface.
Golden Dent Lifter & Bridge Puller
The gold lifter adopts high-quality metal materials and the bottom cover with soft rubber to avoid damaging the car's original paint during use. And the bridge puller using the principle of leverage to design the dent puller is ergonomic. A unique arched bridge can adjust the spacing and rotate the button better to fit the dents.
Dent Rubber Hammer
The paintless dent removal tap-down tool has a quality steel handle with an ergonomic design. 9 pcs different specifications of the head and 5 pcs tap down pens are great for various dents. Perfect for fixing the small and irregular dent damage, especially for the high point.
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
The hot glue gun with a US plug (220V) can help melt the glue sticks quickly. It's very secure with a drip-proof nozzle. 12 pcs of hot glue sticks, non-toxic and quickly melt, create your work effortlessly with its great flexibility and stability.

Clean the surface of the depression. Heat the glue stick with a glue gun and apply it to the puller tabs. Attach the puller tabs to the depression wait about 2 mins. Place the dent puller and adjust the height of the pull head to fit the puller tabs. Pull the tabs slowly until the head is separated from the glue. Spray a little alcohol, shovel off the glue with the scraper, and clean up with a cloth.

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